Arnolds Bite

  • Regina Bekermane

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Dr. Arnolds Bite was my leading doctor on installation of four implants and two bridges on the bottom jaw in my mouth. The whole work was organized and done perfectly. All necessary specialists' participation was organized and monitored by Dr. Bite. That resulted in my healing in quick and painless way. Dr. Bite was very attentive and caring in doing his part of work, creation and installation of the bridges. Amazing, they fit perfectly without any inconvenience immediately after he put them in my mouth. No tongue bites, no bites on the cheeks, my bite fit perfectly, like I had those bridges as my own teeth all my life. From the first day!!! I couldn't believe such thing was even possible. At our follow up meeting I've thanked Dr. Bite for his great job but he humbly refered to the Lab's excellent job. Yes, their job is excellent but it wouldn't be so if he wouldn't do all necessary measurements and fittings with kind patience and care as he did. All dentists who worked on my mouth in "Rīgas Stradiņa universitātes Stomatoloģijas institūts" are high level professionals. They are caring and highly qualified specialists. I cannot imagine better work than I've got at the Institute. If you need any kind of dental work "Rīgas Stradiņa universitātes Stomatoloģijas institūts" is the place to go. With my highest appreciation, Regina Bekemane


    Nav, absolutely perfect doctor.

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